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How to Uninstall Sophos Mac

How to Uninstall Sophos Mac

Sophos Antivirus is a well respected and popular antivirus app for the Mac.

It is available as both a free and paid-for app, and is generally accepted to be good at detecting viruses on your Mac.

Reasons to Remove Sophos Antivirus from Your Mac can be: You may decide that you have little need for an Antivirus on a Mac because of how unlikely it is to infect a Mac with a virus. Sophos Antivirus may be using a lot of memory and CPU, in which case removing it will improve the performance and overall speed of your Mac. You may have found another piece of software to do the job, in which case Sophos should definitely be removed because running two antivirus background apps at the same time will drastically decrease the performance of your Mac.

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How to Uninstall Sophos Mac (Free Version)

Follow these steps to Uninstall Sophos Mac Free Version. Removing Sophos by dragging the App to trash does not remove it completely, so you must follow these steps to correctly Uninstall Sophos Mac:

Step 1. Run the Sophos Antivirus Removal app, it’s located in the Applications folder.

Step 2. Follow the steps in the Removal app to complete the Uninstall process.


Uninstall Sophos Mac

How to Uninstall Sophos Mac (Paid Business Version)

If you have the paid-for business version of Sophos AntiVirus (SAV), then follow these steps to Uninstall Sophos Mac for Business:

The removal app for Business/paid-for versions of SAV is located in Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/

Uninstall Sophos Antivirus Using the Terminal on Mac OS X

Step 1. Open Terminal and run the following command:

cd /Library/Application Support/Sophos/opm-sa/Installer.app/Contents/MacOS

Step 2. Run the following command and type password on prompt

sudo ./InstallationDeployer --remove



  1. The Sophos Home app is now called “Sophos Home”, and its removal app is now called “Remove Sophos Home” (instead of the more intelligent “Sophos Home Remover”, which would have placed it alphabetically next to the “Sophos Home” app).

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